• T Shape Range Hood
  • T Shape Range Hood
  • T Shape Range Hood
  • T Shape Range Hood
  • T Shape Range Hood

T Shape Range Hood


  • A++ screen with high density mesh,separate soil and fume effectively.
  • Non-disassembly and wash free
  • Inner cavity coated with special coatings that detaches oil and fume
  • 360°tornado powerful suction
  • Dual Core 3.0 System

    360° Tornadic Collection And Exhaust Of Fume
      • 1140m³/hr strong and thorough absorption.There is no fume escaping from the kitchen.It will bring a more bright and clean cooking environment.
      • 340Pa strong wind pressure breaking through all obstruction, achieving a thorough exhaust of fume and oil.It means that there is no obstruction when the fume is exhausted out of the kitchen.
  • Wide Angle And Deep Cavity

    Tornadic Absorption Locks The Rising Oil And Fume
      • Uneven turbine designed to generate centrifugal tornadic absorption, realizing a thorough exhaust with no leakage.
      • Vertical placed turbine generating strong suction of wind from both ends that can eradicate fume and oil thoroughly.So the range hood can take better suction effect than the ordinary range hood.
  • Free Of Dismantle And Wash Technology

    Inner Cavity Coated With Special Coatings That Detaches Oil And Fume
      • A++ screen with high density mesh and wide screen area, effective separation of oil and fume.So you dont’t need to clean the inner cavity anymore.You just need to clean the oil mesh regularly in the dishwasher or by yourself.
      • Butterfly shape screen, 24 uneven designed guiding belts.It improve the oil guiding speed,little oil will stay on the oil mesh.
      • 33°dip angle and indent guiding track,which is the special design for ROBAM oil mesh.
      • Amber oil cup with big capacity, a visualized oil volume,you can easily see whether you need to clean or not.
  • Simple Design, Extreme Details

    Silver Black Glass Panel, Simple But Neat
      • one integrated fume collecting cavity, no fume and oil attached, easy to clean.Special oil coating and big suction,the oil has no chance to stay in the inner cavity.
      • LED light bringing a clear vision and joyful cooking.
      • 1 minute intellectual delayed shutdown intended to eradicate remaining oil and fume.We recommend you to do the delay-shut down function which will help you keep your kitchen air clean.

Size Parameter Reviews

Rated voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz
Total Pressure Efficiency ≥23%
Nominal Pressure 220Pa
Air Flow Rate 18m³/min
Maximum Static Pressure 340Pa
Rated Input Power of the Main Motor 220W
Maximum Input Power of the Light ≤2W×2
Grease separation degree ≥92%
Odour Decrease Rate (Normal) ≥98%
Odour Decrease Rate (Instantaneous) ≥76%
Noise ≤58dB
Net Weight 22kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 895×505×537(mm)

Size Parameter Reviews

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