• I-Flame Series
  • I-Flame Series
  • I-Flame Series
  • I-Flame Series
  • I-Flame Series
  • I-Flame Series

I-Flame Series


  • Eight-speed hot wheels,3 level of heights accompanied by three gradient fire rings
  • Copper burner,high thermal conductivity
  • Automatic flameout protection.
  • 0-second delay ignition, quick start, easy to use.
  • I-Flame

    3 Level Of Heights Accompanied By Gradient Fire Channel

      *Inner dip angel that can gather oxygen for sufficient burning and rule out unbalanced burning.
      *High density fire holes, not only efficient but environment protective.
      *Accurately control different level of fire that brings joyful cooking to life.
      *Easily handle stir-frying and stewing.
      *0 delayed ignition.
      *A simple touch can instantly start the journey of delicacy.
      *Flameout protection devices that can guard you from any trouble or incidents.

  • Fashionable Appearance(3 Hole Burner)

      *860mm square broad panel, high spec and exquisite quality.
      *Black crystal tempered glass panel that leaves oil stain nowhere to stay.
      *C shape easy cleaning dish designed with small angels, simple to organize.
      *Pure black ceramic grill, durable and oxidation resistance.

  • Extreme Details

      *Copper base.
      *Movable burner.
      *Anti backfire shield.
      *Whorl metallic knob.

Size Parameter Reviews

Heating load(kw) 4.2x2、1.6x1(kw)
Thermal efficiency See the label
Product size 860×525×154(mm)
Installation size 753×478(mm)
Net weight 19 .2kg
Panel Tempered glass
Gas burner 3
lgnition method Pulse
Air in flow Full
Gas style Natural gas、Liquefied gas
Gas connector φ9.5mm special gas rubber gasket

Size Parameter Reviews

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