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  • Multi-dimension baking;
  • accurate temperature control, more tasty.
  • 3 layer of Isolation door and Dual duct heat dissipation system .
  • Fashionable Appearance

      • Black stainless steel glass panel, classic Black Mirror, simple and stylish; high-grade Aluminum Alloy Super Long handle, smooth and smooth, easy to open and close; flexible pop-up Knob, one touch instantly invisible, with the touch button to bring the perfect experience of convenient operation;
      • Pure black style, simple and quiet, but more connotation.
      • Glass panel, simple to clean.
      • Flexible pop-up knob not only simple to operate but easy to clean and easy to wipe.
  • Product benefits

      • Multiple Baking modesQuick heating, wind baking, baking, Fan baking, bottom heating, bbq, strong baking, thawing, Western food, Chinese food and other cooking needs, one button, instant for you to unlock the master of all-round Baking eight modes.
      • Practical large capacity 56L scientific size, greatly meet the needs of baking can meet the needs of 8-12 people a dinner, save time, play more fun
  • Core Technology

      • Three-dimensional baking pipe layout of high-temperature two-way vertical thermal field, and parallel thermal field overlap each other, forming a super thermal penetration, three-dimensional heating food, so that food from the inside out balanced heating, the release of the most perfect flavor; The m-type fire tube adopts the m-type annular design, which can increase the heating area several times and improve the heating efficiency.
      • After the 3D solid hot air circulation, the FAN blade adopts the 90-bend design, and then forms the 3D hot air circulation system inside the cavity, which guarantees the heat balance inside the oven and makes the heat quickly by baking, the taste and color are more attractive, the temperature rises quickly to 180 °C, only takes 6 minutes, lets the delicacy not wait.
  • Product Safety

      • Special Cooling Cycle Technology: The boss Oven has more perfect cooling technology than ordinary oven, built-in top fan + front radiator combination, through the high-speed rotation of the top fan from the front outlet to dissipate excess heat, the utility model can discharge the residual heat in the shortest time in the baking process of the oven, ensure the baking safety and improve the baking efficiency.
      • Three layers of insulation: R306 door plate with three layers of safe low-temperature glass. 1 layer of toughened glass + 2 layers of LOW-E glass, outer layer of toughened glass, middle layer and inner layer of 5mm LOW-E glass (compared to toughened glass with a layer of low radiation coating, better heat insulation) , not only easy to lock the baking process of the oven internal heat, but also to reduce the temperature of the oven door plate, thoroughly prevent the baking process was scalded, safe and more worry-free.
      • Over-temperature protection device: When the external temperature of the oven exceeds 80 °c, the oven will automatically cut off the electricity, effectively extending the service life and using more safely; Heat preservation is more energy-saving and heat insulation is safer

Size Parameter Reviews

Rated voltage 220-240V~
Rated frequecy 50Hz
Rated Power 2800W
Dimensions 595×595×520(mm)
Dimensions of the hole for full insertion 600x600x565(mm)
Dimensions of the hole for semi-insertion 560×590×550(mm)
Capacity 56L
Net weight 41kg

Size Parameter Reviews

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